There’s an underground donut tour waiting for you in Chicago

Still on that summer diet? Give it up now. There is an underground donut tour that you must check out in Chicago. Let’s have a quick rundown of the stops before logging in with the link you’ll need before you inevitably book this experience.


Credit: Donut Vault, Facebook

Apparently this is a must see place no matter where you live in the US this Yelper was thrilled.

Wow. Okay, how can I even begin to describe some of the best donuts I have ever had in my life. If you’re wondering what top donuts are: THIS IS THIS. VERY VERY VERY REC one case (these donuts are also literally HUGE which is always a plus in my books)

There are many classic flavors and some fun like Bacon and Whiskey Cake.


Credit: Firecakes Donuts, Facebook

Even this Yelper who doesn’t like donuts loves Firecakes donuts.

I don’t even like donuts (I promise I’m not a psychopath or robot) but I loved these donuts! I had the Old Fashioned Buttermilk and it was crumbly, soft but also crisp, lightly crusted with frosting, and unique.

Firecakes has several locations, by the way.


Credit: Stan’s Donuts and Coffee Chicago, Facebook

This Florida woman must really love Stan’s because she insists on going to Chicago just for the donuts.

I always come to Stan’s when I’m in Chicago. Such great donuts, service and drinks!

Stan’s also has multiple locations.

STOP 4: DO-RITE Donuts

Credit: Do-Rite Donuts, Facebook

This Yelper jokingly thinks that drugs are an additive in these donuts.

My favorite donut is the chocolate glazed donut … there must be some cocaine in that donut to make it that good!

I don’t know all this but I would try them anyway.


Credit: “Experience hosted by Jeff”, Airbnb

Well, it’s an “Airbnb Experience”.

The guide was absolutely amazing and very passionate, he also provided a bit of Chicago history and that builds on throughout the tour which made the experience more fun.

So how do you go about taking this guided tour by an obvious donut expert? You donate $ 30 through this Airbnb experience and thank me later.

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