There’s no party like an Airbnb party

Airbnb released a comprehensive report on minorities and said it plans to roll out “new anti-party technology” in the United States and Canada, bolstering a no fun it was introduced in June.

The Based in San Francisco The rental apartment group said on Tuesday that the “technology” – apparently being tested in Australia in October – would help “identify potentially high-risk bookings and block those users from taking advantage of our platform”.

From the company blog post continued:

“For example, this system looks at factors such as positive review history (or lack of positive reviews), how long the guest has been on Airbnb, length of trip, distance to announcement, weekend versus weekday, among others.. The primary goal is to attempt to reduce the ability of bad actors to host unauthorized parties that negatively impact our guests, neighbors and the communities we serve.

“Professional” Airbnb hosts have been complaining about parties for years. Sean Rakidzich — internet user “LEADER Expert in Short Term Rentals and Airbnb Education” — Told his followers in a 2020 YouTube video showing how he bolstered his selection of potential tenants and installed noise monitoring devices through its properties to prevent “party attempts”.

He also hired a security guard to ward off unwanted revelers. “I can achieve this because my business model, rental arbitration, allows me to get lots of properties in the same area,” he said. “I have four townhouses in Philadelphia that I put a person in front of.”

Unrelated, Airbnb’s managing director for Northern Europe Told the House of Lords in May, there was “no evidence establishing any link between short-term housing and housing shortages”. Enough a plot of people seem disagree, and there is Nope sign that Airbnb intends to suppress maturity transformationrental arbitration” appreciated by pros like Rakidzich. Why would it be? The scourge of partying hurts their bottom line, and housing crisis ugly.

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