These are the cities everyone is booking for long stays, and why

Travel is on the rise, which is good news for the industry and for those who have stayed at home waiting to return to the world. While local travel is booming and remote getaways continue to trend on the rise, international travel is also starting to pick up, especially as summer continues. Over the past year or so, we’ve seen things like “flexcations” and quick weekend getaways just for a change of scenery, but what about longer, more semi-permanent stays?

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According to a report published by Airbnb, company data shows that not only have people booked rentals for 2021 around the world, but they are also renting them for longer. So, it turns out that international travel and longer vacations go hand in hand, at least for now. Anything over two weeks is considered a long term stay, and renting is the best way to do this. According to Airbnb data, it’s the cities that are seeing long-term rentals skyrocket, and the “why” we believe is seeing so much popularity.

New York, New York

New York City has always captivated travelers and it is still known as the best and most diverse city in the United States. Therefore, it’s no surprise that so many people have it on their summer 2021 itineraries. What’s surprising is that, according to Airbnb, 62% of all rentals booked for the city are long-term stays, ie a month or more.

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Interestingly, the majority of people booking these long-term stays are actually New Yorkers, which means they might be looking for an upstate city break or Long Island getaway. Renting a long-term place in the city gives locals a chance to theoretically leave whenever they want via a train ride, without having to rent a place several times each week.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle (along with Los Angeles) ranks second for longest-term bookings. There, around 40% of travelers have booked vacations for a month or more. While there is no data on where travelers are coming from, there is a good chance that, if East Coast trends apply, renters are likely also coming from the West Coast.

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Seattle is a popular Pacific Coast city destination in general, but it’s not a city that is generally on par with Los Angeles for best billing – with so many people looking to commune with nature, perhaps that is why a city rental in such a state is so attractive.

Berlin, germany

Airbnb’s travel report also states that, in a survey, 74% of customers said they would like to live somewhere other than where their employer is after the pandemic. With so many people starting to work permanently from home, the decision to make this change was an obvious choice for some, and cities like Berlin allow for easy travel within and outside the country. country.

Berlin, germany


As of last year, Airbnb has been a fairly consistent way to find home vacation rentals, the report says, with many combining a change of scenery with their flexible new work lives.

Paris, France

Working from a long-term rental property is one way of seeing Paris, and there are plenty of places to do it. As one of the most popular destinations for travelers to France, it’s no surprise that many people trade coffee from their kitchen for a croissant and café au lait from a Parisian bistro.

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This city, like Berlin, makes it easy for travelers to settle anywhere and work virtually anywhere in the city.

Melbourne, Australia

What is surprising is the fact that so many people book long stays in a country that might be halfway around the world from their homes. According to that same Airbnb report, the reason many people travel long-term is because of family.

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Some expats or family members who were relocated before the pandemic had no choice but to stay stationary, and those who live in other countries now benefit from spending long periods with them. This probably explains many of the long-term bookings around the world and visiting family is a top priority for many, as well as one of the first things people plan to do after getting vaccinated.

Mexico City, Mexico

For those residing in the United States, Mexico has been open for some time in 2021. With a Mexican passport, tourist permit, and auto insurance, visitors are free to cross the border if they live nearby.

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This makes traveling to Mexico much easier than traveling to other countries right now, including Canada, which currently has major border closures. Mexico City is a popular tourist destination, but now that the number of pandemics has dropped, it’s also becoming a popular place for people to live temporarily, well.

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