These are the cities with the most Airbnb listings

If you’re trying to rent an Airbnb, look no further than Florida.

According to the last report By Digital Third Coast, the state has seven of the 10 cities with the most Airbnb listings in the country. Miami Beach, in particular, outperforms all others with 3,416 listings per 50,000 people.

Looking at 350 cities and ranking the number of Airbnb listings per 50,000 residents, Digital Third Coast found that Miami Beach, Kissimmee, and Sarasota, Florida had the highest Airbnb / resident ratio in the country: 2,880 listings in Kissimmee and 2,234 listings in Sarasota. , respectively. The beach, theme parks and warm weather that have traditionally attracted large numbers of tourists to the state also encourage local owners to turn vacant or unused properties into additional income.

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“Walt Disney World alone attracts an average annual visitation of over 52 million visitors, making it the most visited resort in the world,” read the report, which quotes visitor statistics from Disney. “And all of these visitors need a place to stay while they take in the sights and sounds of Mickey, Goofy and their friends.”

Bend in Oregon, Daytona Beach in Florida and Asheville in North Carolina follow closely with the number of Airbnb listings. Miami, Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando round out the top 10.

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But with the high number of listings in vacation hotspots, parts of the country are experiencing rapid growth in popularity of Airbnb rentals among their residents. Since 2017, Charlotte, North Carolina has seen the number of Airbnb listings in her city increase by more than 120%, while Fresno, Calif. And Jacksonville, Fla. Have seen equally high growth, at 119. , 4% and 117.5%, respectively.

San Francisco and New York, meanwhile, saw their number of Airbnb listings drop 16.6% and 7.1% respectively, likely due to stricter short-term rental regulations recently introduced in stores. two cities.

“Some of these cities have faced tighter regulations and restrictions on Airbnbs, which may be the reason for these stagnant numbers,” the report read.

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