These are the most coveted vacation destinations in 2021, according to Airbnb

When it comes to top-rated destinations, Airbnb has revealed what all travelers are thinking about winter 2021.

There is a great feature on Airbnb that allows users to create a wishlist and bookmark their dream vacation rentals. Airbnb analyzed the data of its American customers to determine the most popular locations. By checking the dates that users plan to go on vacation, they’ve determined the different seasons of the year that best match various locations and properties. They are the most coveted vacation destinations in 2021.

Most popular: upstate New York

For potential tourists, the general trend is moving away from traditional hotels. From a distance, people want to live as far away from the usual areas as possible. Many large cities have lost their charm in the public eye. Concerns about crime and over-organization have soured the appeal of modern life. In fact, after a long pandemic, most tourists just want a cozy cabin in the woods. The preferred criteria for a good cabin are consistent. It should be comfortable, secluded, relatively pre-modern, and close to hiking trails, lakes and mountains.

This is made evident by the fact that the most searched property on Airbnb is a rustic cabin in the Catskills, upstate New York. Metropolitan residents have always constituted a large part of the tourist population. They are motivated by push factors such as lack of privacy and the general stress of being in an environment saturated with noise and air pollution. It’s no surprise that after months of lockdown, New Yorkers are eager to get away from it all, and upstate New York is the most coveted vacation destination.

“Unplug and relax …”

The description of this popular Airbnb is exactly what tourists aspire to.

  • Airbnb: Log Cabin with Catskill Mountain View
  • Cost per night: $ 125
  • Conveniences and advantages: Sunset and mountain view from bedroom, fireplace, fully equipped kitchen, record player, outdoor fireplace, extra blankets
  • Close: Close to skiing, fishing and hiking

Overall, the most popular season for cottage rentals is fall. Human nature is drawn to traditional life. Even the most uprooted city dwellers are drawn to the prospect of warming up in front of the fireplace after a freezing hike. Apparently, central heating and sterile hospitality are not enough to satisfy the human mind.

Metropolitan residents who don’t live on the East Coast also crave to be in nature. Cabins are coveted across the country in wild, remote locations like Ohio, California, and Washington.

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Surprisingly Popular: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Community is a central aspect of human nature. However, a sense of community is hard to find in big cities where everything is happening, and small towns where nothing is happening. For this reason, after comfy cabins, the most coveted vacation properties can be found in mid-sized towns and college towns.

The college football season begins around Thanksgiving, which is why Airbnb has seen a spike in interest in cities like Ann Arbor, Michigan; Eugene, Oregon; and Lincoln, Nebraska. With closures prohibiting public gatherings, people are eager to take their place in a crowd and cheer for something more real than what a smartphone or TV can provide.

This Airbnb in Ann Arbor is perfectly suited for tourists who want to immerse themselves in the frenzy of college football.

The college football season lasts around 13 weeks, which means these mid-sized towns will be inundated with tourists and public gatherings throughout the winter.

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Party and heat: New York and Orlando

Winter is undoubtedly the most festive time of the year. People want warmth in one of two ways: the warmth of holidays and Christmas lights, or the warmth of sunny weather and clear skies.

Everyone wants an iconic Christmas, and for travelers who live outside of the big cities, New York is the ultimate destination. However, visitors still seem to prefer self-catering properties with kitchen facilities and a cozy atmosphere.

  • Airbnb: Large rooftop view room next to Times Square
  • Cost per night: $ 265
  • Conveniences and advantages: Kitchen, large bay windows with city view, Wi-Fi, blackout curtains, air conditioning, free parking
  • Close: Central Park, Times Square, Port Authority, Empire State Building

Other visitors want to escape the winter while participating in the festivities. Central Florida has the best of both worlds in this regard. Some of the most dazzling Christmas and New Year’s shows take place at Disney World and Universal Orlando. This chalet near Disney offers guests an immersive and festive experience.

  • Airbnb: Tahiti Gil’s Mananui
  • Cost per night: $ 167
  • Conveniences and advantages: Kitchen, terrace, lake view, Wi-Fi, good weather, wildlife, festive theme
  • Close: Sherwood forest, Disney World, alligator lakes, golf course

People have spoken (via Airbnb). Restless after a few difficult and long years, tourists want to escape the big cities in the fall, participate in public gatherings, soak up the festivities and avoid winter. Catskill, New York; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Orlando Florida; and New York are among the top Airbnb destinations in the United States.

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