These will be the most popular travel destinations in 2018

You might be surprised by what Airbnb’s data predicts.

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The travel industry has been profoundly changed over the past 20 years. Travel agencies, for the most part, have given way to travel websites. Hotels may still be the most popular form of accommodation for the conventional traveler, but online hospitality services like Airbnb aren’t far behind. And when it comes to travel destinations, people opt for those that are less crowded.

Airbnb recently composed its travel trend forecast for 2018 using booking data from its site. Based on percentage increases in bookings, here are Airbnb’s 10 most popular travel destinations forecast for 2018, including some of the most populated cities on the planet:


  1. Gangneung, South Korea – 2175%
  2. Bournemouth, UK – 353%
  3. Edmonton, Canada – 284%
  4. Indianapolis, IN – 256%
  5. Da Nang, Vietnam – 255%
  6. Columbus, Ohio – 254%
  7. Gazimagusa, Cyprus – 234%
  8. Bilbao, Spain – 234%
  9. Hanoi, Vietnam – 212%
  10. Matinhos, Brazil – 209%

The number one spot may not have rung a bell 15 years ago, but come February it will remain firmly in the spotlight. Gangneung is a South Korean coastal city located right next to Pyeongchang, the host city of the 2018 Winter Olympics. Number 13 on the list of trending destinations was Minneapolis, Minnesota, the host city of Super Bowl LII.

When it comes to the most popular cities to travel to, the usual suspects seemed to continue to reign supreme in terms of booking volume:

  1. Tokyo
  2. Paris
  3. Osaka
  4. New York City
  5. London
  6. Rome
  7. Orlando
  8. Miami
  9. sydney
  10. Lisbon

In the US, there was a surge in travel to the Midwest (Indianapolis, IN – 256%) and when it comes to neighbors to the north, the Canadian Rockies (Edmonton, AB – 284%) were particularly hot lately. . In Europe, Asia and South America, some of the top destinations were Matinhos, Brazil (209%), Guangzhou, China (190%) and Bournemouth, UK (353%).

If you’re not particularly statistically inclined, listen to a few travel experts – these are the Top 10 places you must go in 2018.

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