‘they have to do it because they like it’

In this interview with Yahoo Life, Ciara talks about her kids, motherhood and family traditions following the release of her new single “Treat” as part of her partnership with Rice Krispies Treats.

Video transcript


CIARA WILSON: We like to sing together at home. And we do beatbox challenges.


[LAUGHS] Even our little baby Win, he gets involved. I mean, he obviously can’t really finish an entire beatbox session. But he will do a little – we say boots and cats. Boots and cats. And boots and cats. And those little moments are so sweet and so fun.

I’m really about family and my babies mean the world to me. They always support me. I’ve had the chance to do a lot throughout my career. But there are those moments that are really major on my list.

As if I dreamed of being on the cover of “Sports Illustrated”. Like that was a big, big goal for me. And it’s always sweet to feel their love, to see when they’re proud of me. Because I hope when they see me doing my thing, they can be inspired and know that, you know, if you believe in your dream, that’s where it starts.

The most important thing is that whatever they choose to do in their life, they should do it because they love it, one, and they can be great at it. It’s still like my ground rule. So whatever they choose to do, I will continue to be careful and try to feed them what I can to help them improve.

Sienna is… she loves gymnastics. As if she had excellent coordination when it came to doing this sort of thing. Future can play the piano with two hands. It literally only took him two weeks to learn this song. I posted it on my Instagram some time ago.


CIARA WILSON: Court! I thought, oh my God, this is an amazing gift. As if I couldn’t play the piano with two hands like that. And we like to sing songs together.


(SINGING) All my favorite treats, treats, treats, treats, treats, treats. How did you get so sweet, sweet, sweet?

CIARA WILSON: When I was asked to create a song for this campaign for Rice Krispies Treats to celebrate family and the joys that come with family, I was excited. I thought it would be so beautiful for me to bring my babies into this song with me.

And it was so nice to see how proud they were after recording the song. And to see how focused they were in the studio, it was a special experience and a great family bonding time that we will never forget. We look forward to the chapters to come and the journey ahead. And it was amazing.

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