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The temperature when we left was 31 degrees, traveling at a speed of 80 mph.

As we crossed the Florida line the temperature rose to 70 degrees and our speed dropped from 80 mph to -3 mph. We could have walked faster to Bermuda in the time it took us to cross the east coast of Sunshine State. But in fairness, traffic delays only last from Orangeburg, South Carolina, to the end of Whitehead Street at Casa Marina; once you reach the southernmost point buoy, everything opens again.

If you don’t mind long drives (like me) it’s pretty easy to get there, just locate I-95 south and drive until you see neon lights. My girlfriend, on the other hand, is not yet a seasoned long-haul traveler and will now need to be reassured and a sealed case until the destination is reached.

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The most notable characteristic of the Aries zodiac sign, mainly my girlfriend, and I guess 9/10 of drivers on I-95, is their propensity for speeding, right-passing, tailgating, rage. driving, sporadic gunshots, 10- car crashes and driving in the backseat.

“That’s it, stop,” Tiara shouted, “I’m driving! With you behind the wheel, we wouldn’t even reach Cuba before menopause!

For three or four hours I clung to life as it streamlined and skirted other travelers and various pieces of wreckage and shredded tires that decorate I-95 South like Hamra Street during the siege of Beirut.

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