This $505,000 condo nestled in the trees is right next to a hot spring and gorgeous blue waters

This BC condo for sale is right next to a hot spring, so you can literally wash away your worries after a long day.

It is surrounded by water, with a beautiful blue lake right in front. It might be time to ditch your expensive Vancouver condo and head to this little oasis.

The property is located on Halcyon Hot Springs Resort and is listed at $505,000 – which is far less than the $807,900 for a condo in Vancouver, according to WOWA.

The unit overlooks Lake Arrow and would even be a perfect investment. You can rent it as a small spa retreat on Airbnb.

Exterior view of the condo.matt cameron | LandQuest

The condo is a cool mix of luxurious and cabin vibes.

The full kitchen is also amazing with gorgeous wood and marble countertops.

Living here would be like an endless vacation – comfy bathrobes and all.

View of the condo kitchen.View of the condo kitchen.matt cameron | LandQuest

The bedroom has great views of the lush forest so in the morning you can wake up to the sun peeking through the trees.

The condo bedroom.The condo bedroom.matt cameron | LandQuest

On days that are too cold to go out to visit the hot springs, you can soak in the massive tub. You will be very comfortable all winter in this place.

Bathroom with dark marble bath and shower.Bathroom with dark marble bath and shower.matt cameron | LandQuest

If you want to venture outside, there are several hot springs to choose from.

They also have cold pools to dive into if you want the full spa experience.

Mineral pools at the resort.Mineral pools at the resort.matt cameron | LandQuest

You can turn this into a small business and make some money, or just enjoy that retirement life on your own!

Fully Furnished Investment Condo

Exterior view of the condo.

Exterior view of the condo.

matt cameron | LandQuest

Price: $505,000

Address: Halcyon Hot Springs Resort, Upper Arrow Lake, BC


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