This app lets you rent a stranger’s pool on a hot day

An online marketplace has made it possible to rent someone’s swimming pool to swim in, or rent your own swimming pool and garden to strangers.

Swimply is described as “Airbnb for pools”, with listings for more than 20,000 pools in all 50 states of the United States, as well as Canada and Australia.

The platform launched with a pilot program in the summer of 2018, to “democratize the pool experience so everyone can enjoy an instant escape from reality.”

Due to the closure of many public swimming pools and leisure areas during the height of the Covid pandemic, the platform has grown in popularity and has grown steadily since the world reopened.

Owners can sign up to list their pools and set an hourly rate based on details like pool size, timing, and amenities — which can include an accessible bathroom, barbecue, or pool toys and floats. swimming pool.

The average rental price ranges from around $30 (£25) per hour in Houston to $45 (£37) per hour for a pool in Los Angeles.

It is also up to owners to decide whether or not they will be home while guests are using their pool, so the level of privacy differs with each rental.

The company takes 15% of the booking fee from hosts and 10% from guests, and hosts receive a $1 million insurance policy.

“As the largest pool rental platform in the world, we see a huge market opportunity here as people seek experiences with family and friends that they cannot have at home.

“In fact, our motto is ‘Escape Locally’ – providing unique access to nearby private pools,” said Sonny Mayugba, Vice President of Growth at Swimply. Forbes.

He added: “Interestingly, we have also seen our customers use Swimply on trips to enjoy the great outdoors. For example, this pool in Temecula would top off a perfect day of wine tasting in California wine country.

Swimply estimates that there are more than 10 million swimming pools in the United States, but 96% of Americans don’t have access to them and the average pool owner uses their pool 15% of the time.

Airbnb itself recently overhauled its booking platform, allowing users to search for rental properties by categories, including extraordinary design, incredible views and historic properties.

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