This haunted farmhouse in British Columbia has a terrifying new attraction and it’s inside a ‘decrepit Airbnb’

If you were looking for something super spooky to do this Halloween season, you might want to check out this spooky spot near Vancouver.

Starting September 24, Maan Farms will host a spooky event that includes a “decrepit Airbnb” with a full-contact haunted experience called Homestead.

“Guests will experience an enhanced, highly detailed and elevated horror attraction with a one-of-a-kind immersion that will leave them begging to check out,” the farm said. website said.

Limited tickets for this experience are currently on sale and Maan Farms says they expect them to sell out quickly.

The farm will also have a brand new hooded haunting experience called The Way Down.

With this event, guests will literally have to put a cloth hood over their heads to venture out into the dark.

“This journey through hell will push guests to their limits, experiencing a unique multi-dimensional assault on the senses,” the website said.

Of course, the iconic corn maze that the farm offers every year will also be present.

Maan Farms calls their slaughterhouse-themed corn maze “the scariest corn maze in canada.”

The whole experience sounds downright terrifying and will make your heart race as you attempt to go through it.

If you can get some friends together to attend one or all of these events, it might end up giving you some nightmares for a while.

Maan Farms

Price: $45

Address: 790 McKenzie Road, Abbotsford, BC.


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