‘This is no joke’ – Everton and Liverpool players send powerful covid vaccine message

Jonathan Van-Tam sent a powerful message to Premier League players urging them to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Van-Tam claimed earlier this week that vaccines have saved 112,000 lives and prevented 24 million cases of COVID in the UK.

However, concerns have been expressed about the vaccine’s uptake in football, with some reports claiming players and staff are cautious against taking it.

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Newcastle boss Steve Bruce have both admitted that some of their players have so far refused to be vaccinated.

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But in a candid post as part of a Premier League link, the deputy chief medical officer urged players to ignore the myths surrounding the vaccine and get the shot.

“The best protection for you and for everyone – and I’m not mince words here – is the vaccine,” Van-Tam said in quotes released by the Mail on Sunday. “I’m going to give you some scientific facts that I think you as professional footballers need

Before continuing: “Some footballers have been hospitalized with Covid. This is not a joke.

“If you take two doses of Pfizer, it will reduce your chances of getting sick by 85% and your chance of ending up in the hospital or dying by 95%.

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“It should be pretty obvious that if you don’t get Covid, you can’t have Covid for long. And you don’t want Covid for long if you’re a top athlete. “

Van Tam then added: “If you are doubly trapped, you no longer need to isolate yourself if you are close contact with a positive case.

“All you have to do is make sure your tests stay negative. This means that you will miss fewer practices and matches.

“Many countries insist on a Covid passport for travel and it will be difficult for players to (play) European and international matches unless they are overtaken.”

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Van-Tam also pointed out that there was no animal product in the vaccines and no alcohol in the Pfizer vaccine.

“It was developed quickly, there’s no question about it,” he said. “But no shortcuts were taken in terms of the standards that needed to be adopted.

“Some Covid vaccines contain traces of alcohol. But the Pfizer vaccine, which is the one you’re most likely to get in the UK if you’re under 40, contains absolutely no alcohol. And there is no animal product in any of the Covid vaccines we use in the UK. “

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