This is what was on fire yesterday (8/15) near downtown Kalamazoo

Yesterday, residents of downtown Kalamazoo were rightly concerned when they spotted a plume of smoke coming from somewhere nearby.

I missed it completely, but yesterday 08/15 someone on Kalamazoo’s Reddit page asked me:

What’s burning on the east side of Kzoo? Large plumes of smoke and a large chunk of traffic blocked by police on the east side near Hop Cat and Bells Cafe. I can’t find any information about this closure anywhere. Anyone know what’s going on?

Immediately people started commenting with guesses. A user with the name lost narwhal noted: By the time of HopCat, it looks like one of the storage units across from Old Dog has caught on fire. A bunch of fire trucks in there now.

The guess was repeated by a few other users with u / Euphoric-Git-Commits by posting a link to this Twitter post:

Sure enough, it looks like the area near the Five Star Store It storage units which are close to the Bell Brewery. You can even see the sign for Food Dance in the second photo.

So, even if these photos show a more precise location of the fire, we still do not know what caused it. In fact, I checked the social media pages of the Kalamazoo Public Security Department, both their Twitter and Facebook pages, and found no mention of the fire. I even checked Five Star Store It’s social media pages and found that it hadn’t been updated since early 2020.

We also don’t know if anyone was injured. However, since “no news is good news” sometimes applies, I hope we haven’t heard of any injuries as there was nothing to report.

I will update this article if I learn anything more.

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Airbnb shipping container in Benton Harbor, Michigan

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