This mesmerizing medieval-style castle is the only one of its kind in Canada

A few weeks before Halloween, our interest in the sinister reached its peak. From ghost towns and horror movies to spooky places to walk or stay, we can’t help but lean into the shadows of this season. A place that thrills our spooky senses? Stonehall Castle in Saskatchewan, the only medieval-style castle in Canada.

Despite its enchanting original love story and dearly cherished devotion, the interior of Stonehall Castle is undoubtedly haunting.

Located in Regina, this 10,000 square foot palace is totally frozen in time and features thousand-year-old limestone imported from Greece, antique furniture, lighting and tapestries.

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Reminiscent of the Slovak fortress in the vampire classic Nosferatu or literally any episode of Scooby Doo, the owner of Stonehall Castle offers tours, arranges weddings and hosts occasional overnight guests.

Now, with modern amenities like a washer and dryer, heated floors, a theater, and a hot tub, it actually feels quite luxurious, but we can’t help but think that in a particular state of mind, this place could be pretty scary.

This, of course, hasn’t stopped so many people from visiting or even getting married there.

After all, as we mentioned earlier, Stonehall’s story is honestly quite touching.

Shortly after a cyclone in 1912, Francis Nicholson Darke’s wife was terrified.

Rightly after the incident, she did not feel safe and regularly asked her husband to build a house for them where she could feel comfortable.

Later in life, with their grown children, he finally set out to build the house of his dreams entirely of stone – a fortress that could withstand almost anything. Beautiful, isn’t it? Well… don’t get too hot and fuzzy with us.

In 1970, long after the Darkes’ demise, the house was turned into a funeral home, so we challenge you to tell us that this place doesn’t have a bit of spirit. How could he not after having served as a crematorium for 30 years?

Finally, in 2004, he was bought by a real estate investor with a passion for architecture. He was the one who restored the house to its former glory – spending millions of dollars to do so. Now he’s available to the public and he’s seen it all from debuts and birthday parties, holidays and birthdays.

So take what you want. Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so are ghosts. Either way, this place is insanely cool and you should definitely check it out.


Or: 2210 College Avenue, Regina
Instagram: @stonehallcastle

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