This new Airbnb in Ontario is located between 2 waterfalls and has steps that lead down to the water

There’s a new place to enjoy your vacation in 2023 and it’s a “waterside dream oasis”. This recently opened Airbnb in Ontario is surrounded by nature and is a beautiful place to relax.

The Modern x Muskoka is located in Bracebridge between Wilson Falls and high falls. The Airbnb can accommodate up to 10 people and began welcoming guests in early 2023.

Modern Airbnb with mirrored exterior.Cassandra | Airbnb

The owners told Narcity that they “wanted our guests to feel like they were staying at an upscale boutique hotel while being surrounded by nature in Muskoka.” The contemporary design of the space allows you to enjoy high-end modern amenities in a rustic, rural setting.

Lounge area with fireplace.Lounge area with fireplace.Cassandra | Airbnb

Location has four bedrooms, giant windows overlooking the landscape and a large ground floor with a spacious kitchen and a cozy living area with a fireplace.

Kitchen and staircase.Kitchen and staircase.Cassandra | Airbnb

Highlights include a barrel sauna, cold tub, surround sound speakers throughout the chalet, a gym with plenty of equipment and a play area for the kids.

Outdoor seating area with a barrel sauna.Outdoor seating area with a barrel sauna.Cassandra | Airbnb

A flight of steps leads through the trees to the water. The Airbnb sits on 230 feet of shoreline on the Muskoka River, and you can relax on the dock while taking in the view.

Outdoor seating area with a barrel sauna.Outdoor seating area with a barrel sauna.Cassandra | Airbnb

Rental includes access to a kayak, two paddle boards and inner tubes. During the warmer months you can enjoy swimming, waterfall hikes, etc. In the winter you can skate, ski and snowshoe through the snowy wonderland and then warm up in the barrel sauna.

Room with large windows overlooking the trees.Room with large windows overlooking the trees.Cassandra | Airbnb

If you’re looking for a unique vacation spot, this new Airbnb is a wonderful city getaway.

Modern X Muskoka

u200bA dock on the river with two chairs.

A dock on the river with two chairs.

Cassandra | Airbnb



Neighbourhood: Bracebridge, ON

Why you need to go: This new Airbnb lets you relax in a waterfront oasis surrounded by nature.

Prices and occupancy conditions are confirmed at the time of publication, but may change at any time.

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