This new four-story glass department store sparks a riot among residents

In the posh Prague street connecting the Old Town Square to the Vltava River, is Miloš Forman Square, causing the locals’ dissatisfaction.

Signatures are collected in a petition from the Citizens of Prague 1 association against the construction of a large four-storey glass store near the InterContinental hotel.

Nevertheless, a building authority has already issued a zoning decision for its placement, on the basis of which an application for a building permit can be made. In Prague, fifteen appeals were lodged against the decision.

This debate has been going on for some time. The developers are at the edge of their seats trying to figure out how to fill the undeveloped land in the historic center of Prague. The local citizens of Prague 1, the Prague Capital Planning and Development Institute (IPR) or the Czech Chamber of Architects are fundamentally opposed.

The Chamber of Architects, headed by former Prague Mayor Jan Kasl, said the square “Is not a gap or a place to be stopped”.

The Prague 1 Citizens Association, for example, appealed against the decision, which considers that the promoter’s intention to push a glass commercial building, generous aisles and parking for tourist buses in the monument area, is behind the revitalization of the InterContinental Hotel and Miloš Forman Square.

“If we don’t speak loud enough today, the next focus of the ravenous developers could be, for example, the Old Town Square with land along the destroyed wing of the Old Town Hall. That is why we say a fundamental NO to the construction of any building in the area of Miloš Forman in the very heart of the historic center and demand that our elected representatives have a responsible attitude towards our common cultural and historical heritage and unequivocal support for our position, ”said Prague 1 spokesperson Petr Bidlo.

Mr. Bidlo also appealed on behalf of the Capital Council to the IPR. The Arnika Association for Environmental Protection, on the other hand, opposed his appeal, saying it would be ineffective without a request to review the municipality’s initial favorable decision.

Arnika also criticized the municipality for allowing the investors and owners of the InterContinental hotel – entrepreneurs Oldřich Šlemr, Eduard Kučer and Pavel Baudiš – to access the city’s land around the construction site.

The building authority still maintains that such a project will revitalize and benefit the place.

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