This social worker earns $ 85,000 a year. How is she spending during the pandemic?

This social worker earns $ 85,000 a year. How is she spending during the pandemic?

Which: Gabriella Vilner, 30
What she does: Social worker
What she does : $ 85,000 per year
Where she lives: One bedroom apartment near Yonge and Bloor

Regular expenses

To rent out $ 1,265 per month, including maintenance and utilities. “It’s a good deal, especially given the location.

Cable and Internet $ 85 per month, with Rogers.

Car expenses $ 1,250 per month for the lease, gasoline, parking and insurance. “I drive a lot for work, I visit clients. My company gives me a monthly grant of $ 275 to offset the cost of wear and tear on my car.

Races $ 300 per month, at Loblaws or Eataly. “These places are a little more expensive, but they are near my apartment and have good products.”

Eat outside $ 700 per month. “It went up by $ 400 when the restaurants reopened. I missed dining out with friends more than anything else, so I’ve had a lot of fun lately.

Subscriptions $ 25 per month, for Netflix and SiriusXM.

Savings $ 500 per month. “I would like to go to Greece when things reopen. I want to save at least $ 5,000 for the trip.

Recent follies

Travel to Montreal $ 1,200. “I drove to Montreal for my 30th birthday in July. My friends paid for the Airbnb, but I spent quite a bit on gas, eating out, and partying.

Sneakers $ 1,300, for Christian Louboutin Vieiras. “They are white with silver instep. I gave them to myself as a birthday present.

Perfume $ 450 for Tom Ford Bitter Peach Eau de Parfum. “It smells of fruity and floral, and I wear it almost every day. “

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