This Stunning Crypto-Themed Home Is For Sale

His first foray into the rental market was to advertise his landlord’s property on Airbnb. She decided to give the rental a cannabis theme, decorating it with ganja leaves and offering visitors a free joint upon arrival.

But, she said, “it was a bit rowdy.” Visitors from out of town were being robbed in the neighborhood and there were parties with strippers which bothered the locals. Finally, she decided to close it.

Levy got into crypto in 2017, after a teenage acquaintance advised her to buy bitcoin. “I’m like, ‘You’re 17.’ Like what the hell, you know? And he’s like, ‘Download Coinbase! Buy some bitcoin!'” She used her crypto earnings to buy the North Hollywood property, which once looked like a normal family home, and give it a cure. of youth on the subject of cryptography.

“I wanted it to be extravagant and a bit tacky, but in a good way,” she said. “You know, like crypto overload.” Neighbors, she added, were unhappy with the influx of partying crypto brethren, another reason she ultimately decided to sell the place. (She said the city council contacted her about the complaints.)

As for his next venture? It’s a muffin delivery company called Buffinz, which she gently launched. The selling point is that the pastries are delivered by burly men in designer sleeveless tops.

“You know, a flower delivery for Mother’s Day is cool,” she said, “but imagine a hot guy bringing you a muffin. That would be fun!”

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