This train car restaurant in Oklahoma is historic and delicious

This historic restaurant in SE Oklahoma offers some of the best home cooking you can find in the entire Sooner State. Savor an unforgettable meal inside a real train carriage that was once part of the Kansas City Southern Railroad. Known for its incredible, elegant design and epic menu of tasty dishes and treats.


If you are a foodie or just looking for a good meal in a good place, you will definitely want to put the Southern Beauty Restaurant in Heavener, okay. on your list. Known statewide, even the Nation, for its boneless fried chicken meals and other Southern-style dishes. The menu has all your favorites and more.

A quick peek inside the Southern Beauty Restaurant in Heavener, okay. – Southern Belle Restaurant – Southern Belle Restaurant

At first glance, you better come hungry, that’s for sure. The portions are absolutely huge, so expect to take home some leftovers, or so most people say. They also say it’s home cooking, like grandma used to do. If you like southern food and American food, this is the place.

The menu includes their famous boneless, deep-fried chicken strips, served with a homemade Southern Belle dip. You can also get burgers, steaks, fish, pork chops, and sandwiches with all your favorite toppings and sides. Scroll through the photos on the Belle du Sud Facebook page for a mouth-watering look.

The Southern Beauty Restaurant serves up some of the best home cooking around! – Southern Belle Restaurant – Southern Belle Restaurant

If you somehow manage to save room for dessert, Southern Beauty Restaurant has legendary sweets. From all kinds of pies to brownies, cakes, cobblers and some of the most delicious cheesecakes you can find anywhere. They are probably as well known for their desserts as they are for their dinner menu and atmosphere.

The Southern Beauty Restaurant offers a truly unique dining experience the whole family will enjoy and never forget. It’s a fun and fantastic place to eat. Not only do they have amazing food and an unforgettable atmosphere, but they also have amazing service. You are treated like a member of the family.

Click play on the video below to learn more about the Southern Beauty Restaurant

The Southern Belle is a railcar that was originally built in 1905. It was in service and used as a passenger car from 1940 to 1969. It was part of the Kansas City Southern Railroad and was in its day known under the name “Sweetheart of American trains. It even served in World War II transporting American troops.

Once retired in 1969, the Southern Belle was remodeled and rebuilt for use as a restaurant by local train enthusiasts in Heavener, OK. They managed to keep the memory of the Southern Belle alive and preserve this beautiful wagon for all to enjoy. If you are a train enthusiast, you have to check out the Southern Belle.

The menu at southern beauty has something for everyone, including chicken fried steak! – Southern Belle Restaurant – Southern Belle Restaurant

Today the southern beauty is one of Oklahoma’s most iconic and historic places to eat. A Sooner State favorite that more and more people are discovering. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a home-cooked southern-style meal and take in the surroundings. People from all over come here to eat, luckily it’s in our garden.

The Southern Beauty Restaurant is located at 821 Highway 59 North in Heavener, OK. For more information, plan your trip and take a look at the menu visit the official website or discover them on Facebook. I am planning a trip to Heavener for a while this spring with the family for a bite to eat.

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