Thought Bubble Festival and Leeds BID reveal ‘The Trail of Hope’

Thought bubble and LeedsBID (Leeds Business Improvement District) have come together to organize an exciting and innovative comic book installation project in Leeds city center. From July 20, 2021 and for a period of six weeks, The trail of hope features an all-new story created by a world-renowned comic book artist and founder of the Thought Bubble Festival, Toula Lotay (DC, Marvel, Image Comics, Disney).

Starting conveniently next to Leeds Station in the iconic Majestic building, the trail is made up of a sequential comic story divided into eight parts, winding a loop around the city with the works of art on display at several of the main locations of Leeds retail and hospitality. Lasting around an hour’s walk, the trail encourages comic book enthusiasts and the general public to follow the course at their own pace, enjoying the sights and sounds of the city as you go.

The creative collaboration revolves around community and repulsion and aims to add to the cities’ thriving public art offering. Families and individuals from the region and beyond are encouraged to come and enjoy this captivating work of art while experiencing Leeds’ exceptional retail and hospitality offerings.

“The track of hope” will be part of the ambitious Leeds Jurassic Trail 2 project. Brought to the city by LeedsBID in collaboration with Leeds City Council and key business partners, it features 13 roaring and moving animatronic dinosaurs, including flying Pteranodons, a huge Diplodocus, the ever popular T-Rex and the world’s first Yorkshiresaurus. – in 12 locations in one of the most ambitious city center partnerships in the country.

Toula Lotay is the pen name of Leeds-born artist Lisa Wood. A leading figure in illustration and comics, Lisa has been known to create works for people like DC Comics, Marvel Entertainment, Picture comics, Warner Brothers, Disney, Playboy, Weekly entertainment and Variety. Along with her work as an artist, Lisa is the founder and director of the Thought Bubble Festival. The UK’s largest comedy festival, Although Bubble takes place in Yorkshire every November and ends with a huge convention at the Harrogate Convention Center.

Tula Lotay, cartoonist on “The Trail For Hope” said:“I am delighted to have the opportunity to bring some great comics to the center of Leeds. The wait has been immense from the moment the dinosaur eggs arrived in the city. I feel very lucky to be able to be a part of such an exciting project and can’t wait to see everyone’s faces once they see what we have done! Community is deeply rooted in my work ethic and being able to create something accessible to everyone has made it even more rewarding! “

Karen Butler, LeedsBID Venue Management and Delivery Manager, said:
“It’s great to collaborate with Thought Bubble on such a fun and unique body of art, showcasing local talent as well as a renowned international festival, while adding to the incredible array of art. of the city that everyone can enjoy. By working with the festival and businesses, we hope to help inject more color and creativity into the city, providing points of interest for returning people while finding innovative ways to support key sectors within the framework. of the ongoing recovery.

‘The Trail For Hope’ will run from July 20 for six weeks in downtown Leeds.

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