Three Devon towns top the list of the best places to buy beachfront property

Three Devon towns are on a new list of ‘UK’s best towns for seaside properties’ as estate agents report a post-Covid property boom.

It comes as homes in the county sell in less than 24 hours, with some buyers submitting bids without actually seeing the homes in person.

The new list of best beach properties awarded points based on factors such as: average property price, average Airbnb price, weather, air quality, number of Blue Flag beaches, annual number of visitors, annual number of rainy days, hours of sunshine, days of freezing air, minimum and maximum temperatures, as well as the monthly average wind speed at 10 m.

Torquay was number three with 524 points , behind the upper Margate at 537 and Weymouth second ( 528 points).

Also in Devon were Paignton (seventh with 461 points out of 800) and Salcombe was at number 20with a total of 376 points. For the average house price factor, Salcombe was the highest of the 50 cities analyzed with a whopping £ 724,661. The data was commissioned by

The investigation comes after Dartmouth turned out to be the busiest home buying market in the country, with sales up 179%. Houses are flooded with offers and bidding wars within 24 hours of new instructions.

Estate agents across the county have reported “madness” as the real estate market hits an all-time high. Homes at both ends of the price bracket are selling like hot cakes as people seek refuge in Devon and Cornwall where Covid rates have remained relatively low. Buyers are either settling in the region permanently – or buying second homes by the sea due to difficulties in booking vacations abroad.

Kirsty Cook, head of the Dartmouth office of Marchand Petit Estate Agents, said: “It has been exceptionally busy. My colleague Saran Latham and I have both sold homes which are now on offer after visits on Facetime calls. is very interesting because they owe a lot of confidence in you.

“We’re busy on every level. We just sold a beautiful £ 2.8million residential property just outside of Dartmouth.

“There is a shortage all over Devon. This means that as soon as a new property instruction comes in we call people on our books that match and quickly find that two or three people are in a bidding war. We had a sub-offer for £ 600,000 yesterday before it even officially hit the market, which is not unusual.

“These are interesting times. Cheaper properties also sell – people are looking for a big city getaway because they can’t go on vacation abroad.”

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In Torquay, a spokesperson for John Lake Estate Agents said: “We’re so busy right now. We’ve had people making offers without seeing – although we’d rather people travel and see – what you are allowed to do if you are able to continue. We have been busier than ever due to lack of supply – everyone is looking at the same properties. People are leaving towns and wanting to come to small towns and villages from Devon because we were so lucky during the pandemic, with Covid numbers much lower here. ”

A spokesperson for Bradleys in St Marychurch confirmed that there were also people who made offers without seeing the properties: “It has been very, very busy. We have had people who have made offers without seeing the properties. . This is madness.”

Rightmove resident real estate data expert Tim Bannister said what started as people looking to see what’s available have now turned into serious offers to buy. He said being able to work from home more frequently and travel to the office less often is a big factor in this trend.

He said: “Some shoppers are now more willing to commute a country several times a week, and others are preparing for social distancing to be here for a while yet, and therefore being drawn to places. with more outdoor space.

“The housing markets in some of the larger cities are even busier than at the same time last year, as the quiet life is certainly not for everyone, but they are not seeing the same increase as in these small areas.

“Some of the areas most in demand by people to move are small communities.

“Based on 448 million searches performed by house hunters in September, we found that the nine areas where searches doubled all have populations of less than 11,000.

“In fact, all of the places where searches have doubled are small towns, villages and civil parishes, unlike searches which have increased by 53% on average in the ten largest cities.”

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Devon and Cornwall have actually replaced London as the number one place people look for on Rightmove, new site statistics revealed, raising concerns about the future of the county’s real estate market.

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