TikTok slams Airbnb after woman posts ‘nightmare’ hosting

A TikTok user feels “betrayed” by Airbnb after showing up at the house she booked that looks nothing like the advert. User @phoenruber said she found photos of what would have been a bed and breakfast on Airbnb. While she admitted the number of photos was “rarefied,” there were plenty of five-star ratings and reviews to reassure her. @phoenruber had also used Airbnb before, so she felt like she had no reason to doubt its authenticity. “Airbnb has betrayed my trust,” she wrote in the video. Once there, however, the place looked nothing like what she had seen online. Instead, the living room was filled with random items, boxes and furniture, and the air conditioning and shower were broken. “Someone is saving me from this nightmare,” she begged. She also added that she paid to stay in Airbnb for 10 weeks. Thankfully, in a TikTok follow-up, @phoenruber said she had “escaped the collector’s house” and moved into a hotel. “I can’t thank you enough for pushing me to stand up for myself,” she captioned the clip. So far, @phoenruber says she hasn’t received a refund or much communication from Airbnb. The spot owner seemed to understand why @phoenruber wanted to leave early, however.

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