TikToker Presents Lifted Trucks

There are trucks in Texas with crazy modifications. One of the craziest I’ve seen is from TikTok user April Joy. She has two 95-foot F350 lifted, one with a 28-inch lift which is basically just monster trucks at this point.

The user went viral on TikTok after showing videos of his trucks and people wondering how they got there to drive. The user has made several videos showing her technique for getting into trucks, as well as how she gets their children up and secured them in their car seats.

The truck with the 28-inch lift is so large that the owner barely reaches the handle to enter. She has to get into the truck and sit on the floor before jumping to the ground to get out. I don’t think I’ve come across a truck of this magnitude before, but Texas seems like the right place to see it.

It’s interesting how automotive culture comes in so many forms. You have people who like sports cars, Jeeps, Subarus, trucks and everything in between.

I grew up with an older brother who loved fixing old cars and still has a few different cars that he modifies for racing. It is one of those hobbies that can become a lifestyle over time. Working on a big project like this can be incredibly rewarding and be a treasure for life.

Some people will not understand the allure of extreme car modifications. Not everyone wants a car that is only used for rides and is not a practical daily driver. I know personally I wouldn’t want a super lifted truck, but I think you should be chasing your happiness and if having a monster truck makes you happy then go for it!

These trucks are pretty cool and bring a lot of joy to their owners, so keep trucking my friends!

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