Time zone by time zone, another new year is looming

NEW YORK (AP) — New Year celebrations swept the world, ushering in 2023 with countdowns and fireworks — and marking the end of a year that brought war to Europe, a new chapter in the British monarchy and global concerns about inflation.

The new year started in the small atoll of Kiribati in the central Pacific, then moved through Russia and New Zealand before heading deeper, time zone by time zone, across Asia and the United States. Europe and the Americas.

The ball fell on New York’s iconic Times Square as huge crowds counted the seconds to 2023, culminating in loud cheers and a deluge of glittering confetti amid giant screens, neon lights, pulsing lights and sodden streets.

A machete-wielding man attacked three police officers near the celebration, authorities said, hitting two of them in the head before an officer shot him in the shoulder about eight blocks away from Times Square, just outside the High Security Zone. Both officers were hospitalized, one with a fractured skull and the other with a bad cut, but are expected to recover. The 19-year-old suspect was also expected to recover.

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