Tiny Cabin in Wisconsin is one of the best romantic getaways in the United States

If you are looking to get away from it all, just you and yourself, one of the best places to go is Wisconsin.

Wait, Wisconsin?

Apparently yes, according to Trips to Discover, who presented The Most Romantic Honeymoon Airbnb Ever.

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Of course, their idea is primarily aimed at those going on a honeymoon, but who said you can’t go if you’re already married or in a relationship?

Therefore the Little on the river is considered the destination in Wisconsin if you are looking for a little romantic getaway.

Trips to discover:

This top-rated Wisconsin Airbnb is designed for couples, providing a tiny home with large windows to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Perched by the Black River, it is minutes from parks, trails and the downtown area full of cafes and shops. After exploring, relax on the comfy daybed on the porch, curl up comfortably by the fireplace, and enjoy its heated floors, well-equipped kitchen, plush sofa, and lounge area overlooking the river.

Priced at $ 141 a night, it’s a steal. It also helps that the place is rated 4.97 out of 5 on Airbnb.

Marie on Airbnb said: “This place was amazing, I didn’t want to leave everything in this little house, it was the cutest, very clean, very romantic or peaceful.”

Some of the other words to describe the house from the reviewers were “gorgeous”, “wonderful, and” adorable “.

Located in Black River Falls, Wisconsin, about 2.5 hours from Rockford, this place really seems like the kind of weekend getaway that couples should really consider if they just need a break from reality.

One of America’s most romantic getaway destinations is a tiny cabin in Wisconsin

This tiny cabin is considered Wisconsin’s most romantic getaway destination.

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