Tiny House On French Volcano Field offering a stay for 1 €

Airbnb is often a great option when you’re on vacation on a budget, but you’d be hard pressed to find a better deal than this tiny house on the Chaîne des Puys volcanic field in central France.

The cylindrical property includes a beautiful wood-paneled bedroom fitted with a queen-size bed that offers panoramic views of 80 mountains in the UNESCO World Heritage Site where the Volvic brand sources its mineral water.

Hosted by Kilian Jornet, cross-country runner, ski-mountaineer and Volvic ambassador, the house is offered by the bottled water company for an exclusive one-night stay for two people, at the price of only € 1.

And that’s not all your euro alone buys you! After a welcome video call from the host, the two lucky guests will be treated to a guided tour of the volcanic park with the on-site team, after which they will enjoy a delicious dinner prepared by Michelin-starred local chef Adrien Descouls using local ingredients.

Photography: Airbnb

The next morning, they will be invited to a private yoga session with stunning views of the sunrise, followed by a volcanic hike designed by Kilian Jornet and (weather permitting) a hot air balloon flight over the volcanoes. of the Chaîne des Puys.

And if you’re worried about travel restrictions, the proposed date is September, so it seems very likely that travel to France is on the cards.

Sounds like a must see? Head over to Airbnb for more information on the trip, which goes on sale July 19. It’s first come, first served, so set yourself a reminder. We are sure you will enjoy it! As long as the volcanoes don’t … you know.

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