Today’s headlines: Household bills could rise another €400; and no more Guinness in Moscow

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€20,000 in extra debt for first-time buyers as mortgages return to Celtic tiger peak

Soaring property prices have pushed the amount people need to borrow to secure a home to levels not seen since the Celtic Tiger bubble.

Household gas and electricity bills could rise another €400 this winter

Families will have to pay €400 more for their electricity and gas this winter after Russia’s decision to cut off supplies to some European countries.

Civilians buried in rubble after raid on steelworks hospital

Wounded Ukrainians have been buried under rubble in a makeshift field hospital as the Mariupol steelworks where they made their last stand was shelled by Russian forces.

“It’s so disappointing to hear politicians speak negatively about surrogacy” – Rosanna Davison

Rosanna Davison said it was “disappointing” to hear politicians using negative language about surrogacy when they haven’t gone through the process themselves.

WATCH: The €4.75million Donnybrook mansion was once home to Ireland’s king of fairytale castles

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Travel agent who stole €29,000 from holidaymakers avoids jail

Lawyers for Kelli Kilpatrick (34) told Judge Martin Nolan of the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court that in 2017 Kilpatrick began offering to organize discounted holidays in order to make friends.

The Indo Daily: Don’t Bet On It – Everything you need to know about Ulster and KBC Banks crossing

The Indo Daily: Don’t bet on it: Everything you need to know about Ulster and KBC bank crossing

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Covid numbers plummet but hospital care still hampered by trolley jams

Covid-19 cases are declining, but thousands of waitlisted patients whose care was suspended during the pandemic are still on the sidelines.

Airbnb crackdown: Sinn Féin bill will turn the page on short-term rentals

A Sinn Féin bill aims to crack down on short-term rental providers and impose fines on the spot.

Guinness runs out in Irish pubs in Moscow after Diageo suspends exports

Guinness has sold out in Moscow’s many Irish pubs after Diageo suspended exports to Russia following the invasion of Ukraine two months ago.

Women councilors say they won’t run in next election due to online abuse

Some women councilors will not stand for re-election in 2024 due to abuse they face on social media, according to a leading academic.

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