Tommy Torres returns to the top of the Latin album charts

El Playlist by Anoche begins with 6,000 equivalent album units earned in the United States during the week ending July 29, according to MRC Data. The project, released on July 23 on Rimas Music, reached its initial tally almost equally in terms of album sales and streams.

The Top Latin Albums ranking ranks the most popular Latin albums of the week in the United States based on multimeter consumption measured in equivalent album units. Units include album sales, track equivalent albums (TEA), and streaming equivalent albums (SEA). Each unit equals one album sale, or 10 individual tracks sold from an album, or 3,750 ad-supported official audio and video streams or 1,250 paid / subscription-on-demand generated by songs from a album.

Reading list generated 3,000 album sales and just over 3,000 SEA units in its first week of tracking, which equates to 4.8 million on-demand streams for tracks on the album. An unexpected project for some, Torres’ first collaboration was entirely co-written and co-produced with his now label mate, Bad Bunny. A mix of rock, pop, alternative, the central musical fort of Torres, Reading list also merges reggae and tropical nuances.

“Working alongside Benito was just great,” Torres recalls. “We approached it like a band album, in the sense that we both brought our A-Game into the studio and all the decisions, and I mean ALL the decisions, from the subjects of the song to the arrangements, to the The artwork, for the album title, was all done by both. We may have different influences, but we hear and feel the music the same. We both reacted to certain things in a way. very emotional intuitive. It got us moving forward because those emotional reactions were our only north. If we were having a good time and we had goose bumps, we just moved on, without thinking too much. “

With Reading listArriving at No.7, Torres captures their fourth top 10 best Latin album and their first chart appearance since 2013. They are only the third Latin pop group to debut in the top 10. of the Latin general count in 2021. Camilo (Miss Manos, n ° 5, painting of March 21) and Selena Gómez (EP Revelation, n ° 1, poll dated January 27) preceded by a departure among the top 10.

Torres’ first entry on Latin Pop Albums since 2013, Reading list simultaneously enters n ° 2.

On the recording and the creative process, Torres adds, “The only difficult part was working in makeshift home studios, where the acoustics are never perfect. Like we did in the midst of the pandemic, we couldn’t just go out and rent commercial studios, so we built a studio in an AirBnb in Los Angeles, my home in Miami, and Benito’s AirBnb in Orlando. It made me feel like my first album where I recorded mostly everything in my room. It’s not ideal but there is a certain energy that comes from working like this. I think it worked for the benefit of the album.

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