Toms River warns residents to stop renting their in-home pools

TOMS RIVER, NJ – Residents of Toms River who have tried to rent their private pools through websites are warned they will face charges for violating township ordinances.

Private pool rentals have been a hot issue in Toms River for the past few years and were banned in 2018 under the township’s short-term rentals ordinance.

That hasn’t stopped some owners from trying to rent their pools by the hour or by the day through several websites that work similarly to Airbnb. The most popular, Swimply, was recently highlighted in articles from the the Wall Street newspaper and Initiated.

Hot weather, long delays in installing swimming pools because demand skyrocketed last summer during the pandemic, and a soaring swimming pool chlorine prices that USA Today reported being fueled by a Louisiana factory fire, have led more and more people to use websites to search for a place to bathe.

“The owners are posting pictures of their pools online and offering to rent them out for several hours or all day,” township officials said. Municipal decrees consider the rental of the equipment of a house, including swimming pool, for commercial use in a residential area.

“It is also illegal to advertise, in print or online, illegal swimming pool rentals,” officials said.

Homeowners who violate the order will be issued subpoenas and face fines of up to $ 2,000 per event, 90 days in jail and / or 90 days community service. In 2020, a Toms River owner was cited for dropping off 85 children by bus to use the pool for a fee.

“We have ordinances in place to protect not only the integrity and tranquility of the neighborhoods, but also the overall health and safety of residents,” said Mayor Maurice Hill.

Toms River’s code enforcement officials and the city’s Quality of Life unit are checking the lists and will issue summons to anyone found to be in violation of the law.

“These rentals illegally convert private pools into public pools in violation of state, local and Ocean County Department of Health regulations,” Hill said.

Homeowners who violate the township ordinance may also face state enforcement action, and private rentals may jeopardize their home insurance coverage, Hill said.

Anyone with information about an illegal pool rental should contact the Toms River Code Enforcement Division at 732-341-1000, ext. 8440.

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