Top 6 reasons why Dubai should be on your RN bucket list!

It’s the middle of 2022 and travel has been on everyone’s mind lately. It’s a task to plan a successful trip, get people on board to decide on a location and finally make the itinerary and reservations. Most of us spend most of our time and energy deciding on a spot and then giving up exhausted in the process. So here’s to skipping this step completely. Find out why you should visit the most popular city in the UAE. We’ve curated points citing why this city should be on everyone’s bucket list. Here are 6 reasons to visit Dubai!

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6 reasons to plan your holiday in Dubai

1. Modern Arabic architecture

Dubai is a unique blend of modern architecture and history. The inhabitants are deeply rooted in their cultural practices. If you know the history of Dubai, you will know that around 45 to 50 years ago, there was not even a single building left in this city. As Dubai is relatively new, its modern architecture makes a big impression. With high-rise buildings, skyscrapers, glass buildings and more, Dubai has formed a new niche in architecture books. And how can you miss visiting the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa!


2. Hospitality

If you want to take notes on Sex and the City’s portrayal of the UAE, the one thing they got right was hospitality. The legendary Emirati hospitality is a defining factor for many tourists. From the beginning, the UAE has treated tourists with kindness and warmth and although everything else has changed drastically in Dubai since then, this factor has prevailed. Visit Dubai and experience their generosity.


3. Gastronomy

Treat your taste buds to the food they deserve! Try the local traditional Arabic cuisine. With mouth-watering options ranging from Shawarmas, Ghuzi, Mehalabiyas, Matchbous to Chicken Saloona, Meat Biryani and Stuffed Camel, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll get these delicacies from the restaurants, but don’t forget to try the street food in Dubai as well.


4. Economical

As far as Indian tourists go, Dubai is super welcoming. As a city, Dubai has a very lavish lifestyle and staying there is very expensive. But the city welcomes Indians and also offers cheap deals on flights and holidays. Plus, there are some great Airbnb options to choose from.


5. Shopping

Apart from Emirati hospitality, Emirati malls are also a famous driving force for tourists. Most of the gorgeous clothes we see in big budget movies are sourced from none other than Dubai. Everything on the shelves is on trend with plenty of options to choose from. Dubai is indeed a fashion paradise for shopaholics. It is also a haven for gold lovers as the Dubai Gold Souk is a huge attraction. Even with the tax levied on gold in Dubai, it’s cheaper than in your home country. Make sure to research all the required policies to follow before getting the Dubai gold house.



In addition to the fact that Dubai has top-notch hospitality, the city has created many recreational centers for tourists as well as locals. With Dubai Malls, Gardens, Parks, Museums, Desert Safari, Sound and Light Shows, Sightseeing Tours, Dinner Cruise, Burj Khalifa and Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, Dubai has a lot to offer you.


We are packing for Dubai?

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