Torquay House is the ultimate home for surfers

Torquay House designed by buck and simple is the ultimate home for a surf-centric vacation in Torquay, Australia. The vacation home is focused on surfing and outdoor activities and is designed to accommodate single people or groups of 20 people.

The structure plays on the geometric nature of the assembly of three structures of different sizes. A large house, a small house and an entertainment terrace surround a central courtyard to create an all-inclusive atmosphere.

The open layout prioritizes outdoor activities, which are designed to be enjoyed in the prominent central courtyard. This inward reflective layout also creates a sense of privacy, as the house is part of a larger neighborhood.

The living spaces feature sturdy raw concrete block walls, burnished concrete floors, and natural wood and copper details.

An abundance of windows and doors creates opportunities to connect with the outdoors and all the outdoor activities that take place in the yard.

The more private areas come with a quieter material palette, prompting guests to slow down and relax after a day at the beach.

Outside, a wooden screen frames a private courtyard which has a surf area with an outdoor shower and a surfboard quiver.

Photos by Steve Young.

Emily Engle is a New York-based freelance writer with an interest in all things design, especially the design process. When not writing about design, Emily can be found taking care of her 31 houseplants, taking “nature” walks in her neighborhood, or studying Japanese.

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