Tourists return to New York as city recovers from pandemic – CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNew York) – New York City is rebounding, but much of this recovery is coming from tourists.

One family gave CBS2’s Steve Overmyer a chance to see New York City through their eyes for this week’s Snapshot New York.

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The Sandlins are from the small Midwestern town of Andrews, Indiana, Overmyer’s hometown, which makes sense because Heather Sandlin is his little sister.

It wasn’t her first time in New York, but it was for her kids.

” I do not even know. I am amazed, ”said Kendra Sandlin, 18.

Times Square still has the power to electrify.

“It’s so brilliant,” Kendra said.

Tourists return to New York. Airbnb reports it’s America’s hottest destination, but does New York still deliver?

“I’ve always loved New York City and wanted the kids to experience it,” Heather said.

“It’s chaos,” she added as the police cars sped past.

At first, she was reluctant to come. They did not see mask restrictions as an obstacle; these precautions made it more attractive.

“We weren’t really going to get them vaccinated unless we had a reason to do it, and that was a reason,” Heather said.

The trip was for children, to give them a chance to broaden their horizons.

“You have to show the kids that there is life outside of our small town,” Heather said.

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She and her husband, Chris, wanted to give their children a more complete view of the world.

“People from different backgrounds, different cultures, religions. It’s the melting pot, and we don’t understand that where we’re coming from, ”Heather said.

Their day took them through Little Italy and down Canal Street.

“I think they sell handbags and watches. I do not know. They are everywhere though, ”Kendra said.

It also took them to the most moving landmark of the day – the fountains at the World Trade Center, a chance for kids to connect with a pivotal moment in American history.

It’s impossible to see the whole city in one day, but visitors want a New York experience, like eating a hot dog on the streets or walking through a piece of history, like the escalators from Macy’s to Herald Square.

“I was able to soak it all up because it was a long drive,” Kendra said.

Kendra has always loved escalators. Macy’s is home to America’s oldest. It dates from 1927.

“People think I’m weird for liking escalators, but people used them as a merry-go-round, then,” she said.

She’s right. In fact, the first escalator debuted in 1896, and it was a first on Coney Island.

“Does that sound a little dangerous to you?” Overmyer asked.

“A little bit, but that’s the excitement of it,” Kendra said.

The trip only lasted a few days, but in that short span of time New York gave them moments to laugh together, overcome some fears, and see the world from a new perspective.

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“They’re just people. Just like us, but not, and that’s what makes her beautiful, ”said Heather.

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