Travala launches blockchain-based competitor to Airbnb

Travala announced the imminent launch of a new project to be integrated on its current platform to challenge Airbnb.

Travala was founded in 2017 as a centralized booking website that allows travelers to pay for hotels and flights through its native AVA token. Today, Travala offers 40 additional cryptocurrencies and has over 3 million listings. The website generates north of $ 1 million in weekly revenue with around $ 700,000 coming from crypto.

Airbnb’s new decentralized competitor based on Travala’s blockchain will be named Dtravel, and will be launched on Ethereum and Binance Smart Channel (BSC). Dtravel is a vacation rental service that gives owners and renters a stake in the platform itself.

Decentralized vacation rentals

Instead of a traditional centralized platform such as Airbnb, Tripping and FlipKey, hosts and guests of Dtravel share ownership of the platform. Users who hold the service’s TRVL token will not only share ownership, but also govern the platform. The decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) allows hosts and guests to vote on important issues, including operating rules and how community treasures are spent.

CEO and co-founder of Travala, Juan Otero, stated that “The main goal here is for Dtravel to focus exclusively on houses and for vertical houses to be integrated on the platform. Dtravel is going to be designed to become a frictionless ramp to crypto, and just as it may become one of the largest and most decentralized DAOs in the world, it may also become one of the best cases of use of cryptography, because travel is one of them. of the best vehicles for crypto adoption, everyone travels, especially in the post-covid phase. “

Dtravel was made possible by a $ 5 million seed funding round with contributions from Kenetic Capital, Future Perfect Ventures, Shima Capital, NGC Ventures and Plutus VC, among others. Investors received tokens in exchange for funds. The new platform will complement the current services offered by Travala, which does not offer timeshare rentals.

Otero’s statement made it clear that Dtravel is a separate business model from Travala, but the two will work in tandem and tackle travel together.

Dtravel will encourage owners to use cryptocurrencies on the platform. The first 100,000 users to register as hosts will all share a share of the over $ 35 million in TRVL coins that Dtravel will distribute.

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