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Some of the airlines’ new domestic routes include Birmingham to Newquay, which is less than 200 miles, for £ 22.99.

EasyJet has decided to create more domestic routes to “give the British more options to reconnect or take a break this summer”.

However, the move has been criticized by environmental activists because it is likely to increase greenhouse gas emissions.

Greenpeace UK said: “Companies like easyJet claim to take sustainability seriously, but their announcement of 12 new domestic routes shows that they will not prioritize the health of our planet over their profits until they will not be required to do so by law.

“Domestic flights have long been a symbol of how our economic system incites our own destruction. These new UK routes show that easyJet continues to make profits on the planet,” he continued.

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EasyJet has put up for sale over 60,000 additional seats on routes from Belfast to Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Some of the airlines’ new domestic routes include Birmingham to Newquay, which is less than 200 miles, for £ 22.99.

Most of them are viable by train, but easyJet has decided to offer cheaper prices than train operators.

Some people have taken to social media to criticize the airline’s decision.

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“Exactly what you need in a #Climate Emergency! But it’s interesting that Easyjet primarily makes it an opportunity to “connect with friends, family and loved ones,” one angry user said.

“EasyJet is opening 12 new domestic routes for flights, most of which are viable by train,” commented another.

EasyJet UK Country Manager Ali Gayward said: “We know our customers are eager to reunite with friends and family or explore the UK. more choice.”

Leeds Bradford Airport Manager John Cunliffe backed the decision.

“The announcement of the new route to Belfast International Airport further strengthens connectivity between Northern Ireland and the Leeds urban area, the UK’s largest economy outside of London.”

However, Greenpeace UK director John Sauven said the move shows the UK is not taking the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions seriously.

The government is committed to reducing emissions by 68% by 2030.

He said: “The UK government claims to be a climate leader, but is considering lowering taxes on domestic flights despite being cheaper than train fares on many routes.

“What will it take to get ministers to understand that you cannot meet carbon reduction targets without carbon reduction policies?” “

An easyJet spokesperson responded: ‘The new routes that will operate this summer were introduced in response to the demand we are seeing for domestic air travel within the UK and as with all of our flights we are making up for all of it. the carbon emissions from the fuel used for them.

She also said the company is using more efficient planes and “is supporting the development of radical new technologies to achieve zero emission flight in the future, which we are committed to moving to as they become available.”

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