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Speaking from Portugal, travel expert Simon Calder warned that UK coronavirus tests could be more expensive than flights from the UK. He said his flight to the Azores “cost £ 25” but the test “cost £ 100”. His comments come as he gives travel advice to those desperate to get away from the UK in the sun this summer. But he warned of the growing paperwork related to travel during Covid, even in countries on the ‘green list’, which means you don’t have to quarantine on arrival or return.

Calder said on the show: “We had this silly situation where on Friday afternoon the Portuguese said okay, the British you can come in, but by the way, if you’re booked for Monday’s fight, you better pull yourself together because we’re going to need a negative PCR test.

“So I was running at the weekend at Heathrow because they guaranteed me they would give me the results back.”

The travel reporter added: ‘And the flight cost £ 25, the test cost £ 100.

“There is something wrong there.”

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Mr Calder also warned Britons that the red tape for the holidays should not be underestimated.

He said: “The only cloud on the horizon is that to go back I have to start putting all the forms in place.

“Pre-departure tests, book a pre-arrival test, complete a passenger locator form.

“I went to the Soviet Union and honestly it was a lot easier than coming back to my own country after that!”

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Portugal has been listed as a ‘green list’ destination for Brits, meaning you don’t need to quarantine on arrival or return from vacation – making it a desirable option for British holidaymakers wishing to escape the UK for a break.

But the country has some of the toughest Covid restrictions, like Spain and Italy.

Masks and face coverings are mandatory indoors and outdoors, on public transport and UK holidaymakers are subject to local rules.

Bettors must also wear a mask when entering or leaving the beach in Portugal – if they do not follow these rules, they face a massive fine of € 1,000.

Other countries on the green list include Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and Israel.

Overseas travel reopened on May 17 and other restrictions were lifted in the UK, such as indoor hospitality and the end of the overnight ban.

And a whopping 20 flights from the UK touched down in Faro, Portugal on Monday morning, bringing sun-hunters Britons to the country for a well-deserved vacation.

Countries labeled “orange” and “red” on the UK government’s traffic light system “remain virtually off-limits to Britons because they are countries with high covid rates.

Travelers to Red List countries must self-quarantine in government-provided hotels at a cost of around £ 1,750 per person – covering food, accommodation, transport and testing.

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