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Many vacationers have been put off after the government’s latest traffic light list update when predictions that the Spanish archipelagos would be added to the green list failed to materialize. Although the nation remains on the Amber List, the UK government currently does not recommend “non-essential travel” to the Canary Islands – one of Spain’s archipelagos.

Spain has also lifted its entry and testing restrictions for arrivals in the UK.

After a long year of separation, a British traveler made the decision to fly to the Canary Islands in order to reunite with his partner who remained on the island throughout the pandemic.

The Briton, who has chosen to remain anonymous, told that he finds the trip to the Orange List country “easy and stress-free” despite his concerns about how the experience of the airport could proceed.

“I went to Lanzarote to be with my girlfriend, who was unable to travel due to the Covid in the long term,” he explained.

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“We were supposed to meet at the end of December, but the borders suddenly closed and travel was banned and we haven’t been able to see each other since.”

While the traffic light system may have confused many, the traveler to Lanzarote did his research before traveling, with the help of money saving expert Martin Lewis.

“I’ve figured out the system before, but I think Martin Lewis has probably produced the most user-friendly, easy-to-understand travel guide that basically emphasizes that you need to consider three factors when traveling, and not just the traffic light system that most people focus on, ”he said.

“It’s about the traffic light system, advice from the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office – which affects your travel insurance coverage – and the rules of the country you’re visiting.

After learning about the rules and regulations regarding both leaving the UK and entering the Canary Islands, the traveler was certain that he had “understood what was expected of him”.

In fact, he says he was “not at all nervous”, although he anticipated “long queues and a stressful atmosphere” at the airport.

To his surprise, however, that was not the case at all.

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“I found it very easy. I flew from Heathrow Terminal 5 with Iberia Airways and they just asked for my QR code, from the passenger locator form that the Spanish authorities ask every tourist to fill, ”he explained.

“Security was also very quick. I had visions of long lines and a stressful atmosphere throughout the trip, and I’m happy to say that none of this happened. “

The rest of the trip was in a similar costume, with a few bumps along the way.

“I had two flights, with a stopover in Madrid from London, before continuing to Lanzarote. I was upgraded to business class for £ 85 and when I arrived in Madrid there was no line. waiting at border control, “he explained.

“The place is quite empty at the moment and where I am is much quieter than where I live in central London.

“It is mandatory to wear face masks outdoors, as well as in stores, but it is different from the UK.”

As a result, he said: “I would be 100% happy to travel to another Amber List country or a Green country again.”

As for other Brits who may not be sure whether or not to fly to an Amber Country, he thinks it should be a personal choice.

“To all those who are considering going abroad, I urge them to trust each other as to whether they should travel or not,” he said.

“Some people may want to leave the UK and that’s good, while others may not want to go anywhere and that’s just as good.”

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