Travelers from the UK can now enter Latvia without restriction

Travelers from the UK can now enter Latvia without being required to follow COVID-19 entry rules, as authorities there have decided to remove all their restrictions.

According to a press release issued by the Latvian Ministry of Transport, travelers from the UK are no longer required to present a valid vaccination or recovery certificate or a negative test result that was taken recently, reports SchengenVisaInfo. com.

This means that all British nationals, even those who have not been vaccinated or recovered from the virus, can now enter Latvia without restriction without having to comply with additional entry rules.

“As of April 1, the requirement to present a vaccination or interoperable disease certificate or a negative Covid-19 test certificate to enter Latvia has been abolished,” the ministry said earlier this month.

However, the ministry stressed that unrestricted entry will only apply to those not traveling from a high-risk area.

Currently, no country is on Latvia’s high-risk list, which means anyone can enter Latvia without being required to follow any measures.

However, if a country begins to register an increase in COVID-19 infection rates and is replaced on the high-risk list, travelers will be required to present a vaccination, recovery or test certificate in order to be allowed entry. .

This requirement (the requirement to show COVID-19 proof) will now only apply to migrants from high-risk countries but is not currently defined by the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (SPC),” the Latvian transport ministry said earlier this month.

Besides lifting the restriction for travelers from the UK, Latvian authorities have announced that travelers from the rest of the countries are now also exempt from the entry rules.

All travelers, regardless of their vaccination status and country of origin, can now enter Latvia without restriction as long as their country is not on the high-risk list.

>> No vaccination or test certificates are required to enter Latvia

According to the ministry, the decision to abolish entry restrictions for inbound travelers was taken after assessing the current COVID-19 situation and concluding that the virus no longer has serious health consequences.

With the exception of Latvia, several other European Union/Schengen countries have also dropped their entry rules for UK nationals and other travellers.

All travellers, regardless of their country of origin, can now enter Denmark, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Sweden without having to present a certificate of vaccination, recovery or valid test.

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