Traveling this summer and worried about hidden cameras in your rental? Here’s how to spot them. – Daily Press

As security technology continues to become more advanced, it is no longer considered customary to believe that oddly shaped or placed objects around an Airbnb could be cover for hidden cameras.

While it’s rare for a hidden camera to be discovered in an Airbnb by a guest, it’s not entirely impossible, according to the widely used home rental company.

Recently, a Twitter user accused an Airbnb of spying on guests using hidden cameras placed in a property. A company spokesperson told the Philadelphia Inquirer that Airbnb prohibits hosts from using cameras.

“Our policies strictly prohibit hidden cameras and we take strong action in the exceptionally rare circumstances where it has been reported, including assisting law enforcement to help them hold criminals accountable,” a spokesperson said. from Airbnb.

Here’s what to do if you think your Airbnb might be harboring a hidden camera:

In a TikTok Video which has been viewed over 33.6 million times, Marcus Hutchins, a former hacker and cybersecurity expert, showed his followers how to spot hidden cameras.

“One way to tell if a device is a camera is to shine a bright light on it. If you hit a camera lens, it will give off a bluish glow,” says Hutchins.

Some items you may want to check include smoke detectors, outlets, and clocks.

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If you feel like an item isn’t where it’s supposed to be, you can ease your worries by covering it with a towel or temporarily placing it in a drawer or closet, an expert says. security, Jack Plaxe, at HuffPost.

“If you’re suspicious about something in the room, like, say, an alarm clock, it’s really simple to pull an item of clothing out of your suitcase and drape it over the alarm clock,” Plaxe said. “If there’s a lens there, it won’t capture any image of you with your T-shirt sitting on it.”

Another way to make sure someone isn’t spying on you through a device you suspect is a hidden camera is to unplug things that don’t need to be plugged in.

For example, Michael O’Rourke, Managing Director of Advanced Operational Concepts, told The Washington Post that unplugging the alarm clock in any hotel room it enters causes the device to go offline, if it is a camera.

Most cameras with streaming capability require Wi-Fi to operate.

Sometimes you may even see the hidden device listed as a WiFi source while searching for available networks on a mobile device.

You can confuse a potential spy by unplugging the home router. If you receive a message from your host asking why the Wi-Fi signal was interrupted, it is possible that the host has monitored a device in the house that is connected to the Internet, Business Insider reports.

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