Trump blog closes after month

(Nation Now) – Former President Donald Trump’s blog was shut down, less than a month after its launch.

Trump’s team confirmed to NewsNation the blog was closed saying “it was just ancillary to the larger efforts that we have and are working on”.

The blog page now redirects to a “news” section of Trump’s former campaign website.

The now defunct blog contained a section with articles “from Donald J. Trump’s office, Including videos and statements written by the former president. The platform was used to connect with online followers after Trump was banned from Twitter and Facebook.

The ex-president has been banned from a host of social networks over fears that the ex-president’s words will spur violence and unrest after his supporters besieged the Capitol on January 6. Rioters fought with police, smashed windows and scared lawmakers away. Five persons, including Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, died in the violence.

Facebook’s quasi-independent supervisory board found social network failed to impose the appropriate sanction on Trump by stating that “the Supervisory Board upheld Facebook’s decision to suspend Mr. Trump’s access to posting content to Facebook and Instagram on January 7, 2021. However, like Facebook has suspended Mr. Trump’s accounts “indefinitely”, the company must reassess this sanction.

The the board decided that Facebook should review the “arbitrary sanction” of the indefinite suspension he has pronounced and decide on the appropriate sanction within six months.

Last month, Twitter suspended “From Donald J. Trump’s Office” account for his affiliation with the former president.

The account had the same name as blog Trump started. Twitter said the account has been suspended in accordance with its prohibit escape policy.

“As set out in our bans circumvention policy, we will take enforcement action on accounts whose apparent intention is to replace or promote content affiliated with a suspended account,” Twitter said in a statement.

Trump has opened ‘former president’s office’ in January who is fulfilling his duties as former president and pushing his administration’s agenda forward.

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