Trump hotel benefits from COP26 climate summit

Five years ago, Donald Trump kept his campaign promise to withdraw the United States from the historic agreement reached at the COP21 climate summit in Paris, saying it was “very unfair at the highest level”.

But now, as Glasgow prepares to host a summit that has been described as the last best hope in tackling climate change, the former president’s family business is preparing to cash in on the Trump’s Ayrshire Hotel. Organization increasing its prices by more than 160%. .

by Holyrood Research has revealed that a deluxe king room booked on the Trump Turnberry website in the first week of the conference, between 4 and 6 November, will set you back £ 449 per night.

However, the same room at the same ‘best unrestricted room rate and breakfast’ will only cost £ 274 between 18 and 20 November.

Exclusive use of an 8 bedroom villa will cost £ 1,568 per night between November 18-20, but £ 2,793 per night between November 4 and 6, a 178% increase.

Meanwhile, a Deluxe Ocean View Twin Room cost £ 529 a night for bed and breakfast between November 4-6, then £ 354 a night after the summit. While a deluxe queen room will set you back £ 254 towards the end of the month, £ 429 during COP26.

Although there were no rooms available on the website on November 1-2, when world leaders including Trump’s successor Joe Biden will be at the top, Holyrood has found prices for the room as well. as high as £ 500 on the travel site.

With thousands of the 30,000 delegates expected to travel to Glasgow for COP26 unable to find accommodation in the city, many have been forced to find accommodation in the surrounding area.

The controversial, loss-making five-star hotel of the ex-president is 80 kilometers from the summit blue zone, just over an hour by car. There are regular trains and buses between nearby Ayr and the town.

Earlier this week, MPs on the Scottish Affairs Committee at Westminster were told there simply were not enough rooms available for delegates. Dr Kat Jones, of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, told politicians that up to 3,000 people still lack housing.

“It’s definitely a hosting crisis,” she said.

And this supply and demand problem has seen many hotels and landlords across the city and beyond raising their prices to match. The Trump Turnberry nightly rate, however, is slightly more reasonable than some Glasgow hotels.

It’s cheaper than a basic double room – with private bathroom – at the three-star Smiths Hotel in Finnieston, a 15-minute walk from the venue. Rooms are £ 550 per night between 4 and 6 November, compared to £ 87.50 between 18 and 20 November.

Other delegates chose to travel from Edinburgh, where prices also increased during the conference. Cruise ships were brought in to accommodate the conference staff.

Earlier this week, AirBnb banned a Glasgow owner after trying to charge an additional $ 2,000 to a visitor, who had already booked a room.

Glasgow – which left its room outside before realizing the scale of the COP26 summit – demanded additional money from an American delegate after fearing that it “lacks a lot of money”.

Tan Copsey – senior director of Climate Nexus, a U.S. company aimed at tackling the climate crisis – shared the correspondence on social media.

In the exchange of messages, the owner said: “I have been informed that during your stay the average room price has increased by 400% in my area.

“It bothers me that I missed a lot of money because of your early booking.

“I had planned to contact you earlier, but I had been on vacation for three weeks recently and was distracted.

“I think an extra $ 70 per night would be a fair adjustment in this case. If you care about other accommodation, I understand. “

While in the White House, Trump took a number of steps to curb action on climate change, including relaxing a number of environmental regulations and removing the United States from the Paris Accords that had committed states. United and 187 other countries to keep global temperatures rising. below 2C.

One of Biden’s first steps to power was to join the Paris Accords, but his climate envoy John Kerry admitted there remained some skepticism: “I hear from country to country: how do we know? we that we can count on America? How do we know that another president is not going to happen, someone like Trump, doing the same thing again? he recently said The New Yorker.

Earlier this week, Scotland’s highest court heard arguments over whether Scottish government ministers should have investigated Trump’s purchase of Turnberry.

Avaaz, a US campaign group, says ministers have a duty to use an unexplained wealth order to investigate the sale of the famous golf course in 2014.

Turnberry has been in deficit for the former president and his family as the course has not turned a profit for six consecutive years. Accounts filed with Companies House show Trump’s losses now total nearly £ 45million.

The Trump Organization has been approached for comment.

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