Turing College – the first Lithuanian starter in the Silicon Valley accelerator Y Combinator | Business

The total value of Y Combinator startups is over $ 300 million and employs more than 60,000 people. Turing College is joining this year’s accelerator winter programs with the ambition to complement the European market with IT learning innovation based on educational-business partnerships where possible.

“By becoming a Y Combinator company, we have joined the world’s elite business community. It is like representing Lithuania in the starters’ Olympic Games. We have access to the world’s largest investors, experts and business advisors. It is both a great honor and a responsibility for us. We are proud to be the first Lithuanian company in the ranks of Y Combinator, ”says Lukas Kaminskis, Head of Turing College.

The Silicon Valley Foundation selects several hundred starters from around the world twice a year. Companies seeking strict selection will receive a $ 125,000 capital injection and an invitation to move to Silicon Valley for 3 months. Here, Y Combinator partners work closely with each company and provide intensive consulting. The culmination of this is Demo Day, during which the starters present themselves to the world’s 4,000 investors who have received personal invitations.

A long-distance ticket to the YC at Turing College has secured a solution to the market’s much-needed data shortage of researchers. Beginners need an education program that is based on an education and business partner: technology-leading partner companies along with a start-up team with a training program, and a start-up educator and partner company prepares the desired talent for work from day one.

“We see that the model we are developing is working: the first programs involved, which has a learner employed by a Swiss IT company, iSun. Meanwhile, our well-known return employment solution attracts more and more interest from partner companies, ”L. Kaminskis continues.

Turing College, which is training data scientists for the market, opened its remote door 5 weeks ago. It currently has 53 learners and 11 partner companies. The nearest data science group is formed on April 19. Selection and admission is ongoing now and runs through March 31st.

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