Turning My Mom into Me: 30 Amazing and Unexpected Mom Makeovers

Your age is just a number – all that really matters is how young you feel inside! However, the way we dress affects the way people around us see us. Suddenly deciding to change everything and dress in the latest fashion styles can make jaws drop.

There is a very fun and cute new trend that is spreading like wildfire all over the internet. TikTokers dress their moms in stylish clothes “makes mom me” challenge and then film them showing off the new clothes as if they were on a catwalk. The transformations are amazing. And it just goes to show how important a role your clothes and makeup play in your age.

Boring Panda has collected the most popular “Make My Mom Me” TikToks from around the world and share them with you, dear Pandas. Check them out below! Some of these videos have been viewed tens of millions of times. Links to all videos can be found in the credits below each photo montage.

Vote for your favorites, tell us what you think of the challenge, and let us know if you’ve ever dressed your parents in your clothes.

There’s a new trend on TikTok called ‘make mom me’ and it’s setting the internet on fire!


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