Twenty countries offer new security aid to Ukraine-Austin

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Sanctions on Ukraine thwart Russian travel plans

STORY: Tatiana and her fiancé, Nikolay, wanted to visit Turkey after getting married in June. But like many in Russia – they changed their plans… “We went to a travel agent to book a trip to Turkey. But the travel agent dissuaded us, because now there are many difficulties. Many many people come back (from package tours), and many of those who went there for vacation came back unhappy.””She told us directly that many Ukrainian women worked at the hotel (in a Turkish resort), and there could be problems.”Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – which killed thousands and displaced 14 million – not only prompted international sanctions, but Russians fear facing growing anti-Russian sentiment abroad… Add to that logistical problems and skyrocketing prices… and it all makes traveling abroad for Russians seem almost impossible. Tatiana and Nikolay are now planning to vacation in Crimea. In fact, many Russians this summer should opt for domestic travel. ANASTASIA, MOSCOW RESIDENT: “In general, it is a pity that one plans to travel abroad, to Europe, and visit a dream city, have been ruined. However, it is always possible to find an excellent alternative in our country, because we have a lot of beautiful places”. special military operation” – international sanctions have, among other things, undermined the country’s travel industry. Airspace was closed to Russian aircraft. Traveling in Europe is no longer an option for many Russians due to the lack direct flights. Even when flights are available, the cost of air travel has skyrocketed. And MasterCard and Visa credit cards issued in Russia have stopped working abroad. Marina and her husband canceled a trip in London in May, citing increased prices, difficulties in booking and the feeling that she might be dealing with ‘russophobia’. secondly, it was already impossible to book through Airbnb, because the service was refused. So, it became much more difficult to find and book apartments. And to be honest, I already felt worried about what could happen to planes s and flights in general. .

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