Twin Falls’ Christmas symbol that has shone for over 25 years

When driving through the town of Twin Falls on vacation, there are a number of familiar decorations that people remember being part of the town’s DNA for decades. One of these objects lit the roof of one of Twin Falls’ oldest accommodation businesses.

I was not born in Twin Falls. I first visited the city in 2006 when I started dating who would become my future wife. She has family roots in Twin Falls stretching back over a century and graduated from Twin Falls High School in 2001. The town’s only Christmas symbol she remembers as a teenager still shines on the roof of the Holiday Inn at 1586. Boulevard des Lacs Bleus Nord.

Many will recall that the address was a Shilo Inn for over two decades. The property was built in 1994 and the decor has been lit pretty much every year since. I have spoken to a few people who remember seeing it on for the first time over a quarter of a century ago.

“I’ve been here for thirteen years and I remember it was on at least this far,” said an employee I spoke with on Tuesday morning.

that of the city candy cane house and the Twin Falls Municipal Park Lights are also favorites of many locals. I think it would be amazing to see the Perrine Bridge one day adorned with Christmas lights. It would be a business, sure, but certainly an effort that would get a lot of attention.

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