Two people killed and up to 50 injured after train collisions in Czech Republic

Two people were killed and up to 50 injured after two trains collided in the Czech Republic.

Police said the crash happened shortly after 8 a.m. outside the village of Milavce in the rural southwest, about 15 km from the German border.

According to local media, the trains that collided were train EX 351 and train OS 7406 between Domazlice and Blizejov stations. According to the Czech Railways website, the EX 351 is an express service from Munich to Prague.

Local CTK news agency said up to 50 passengers could have been injured, citing firefighters.

Television footage from Czech television showed the damaged cabin of the driver of the high-speed train locomotive, as well as the front section of the local train.

Both trains remained standing on or near the tracks.

Czech Transport Minister Karel Havlicek said human error was likely the cause of the crash. He said the driver of the high-speed train did not stop at a designated spot.

“The situation is serious,” said Havlicek, who was heading towards the site.

Seven people were in critical condition and rescue teams, including ambulances from neighboring Germany, rushed people to hospitals in nearby towns.

Dozens of ambulances and police cars were parked in the grassy fields next to the runways and rescue helicopters were seen buzzing above.

Commander Jaroslav Hrdlicka of the regional fire service said rescuers were still looking for a missing person in the wreckage.

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