Two years ago I moved from the US to Europe – here’s how I did it and my advice for those who want a similar change.

And because you can never have too much support, here are some additional resources that have helped me through this process.

Facebook groups:

Help for independent German visas: If you are applying for a freelance visa, this group is full of people who have done it or are in the process of doing it.

Berlin4Beginners: Regular updates on COVID-19 and general questions about life in Berlin.

Americans in Berlin: US specific inquiries about living in Berlin (eg: Around Thanksgiving, expect lots of questions about where to find a good pie pan.)

GT Berlin: One of the biggest Facebook apartment groups in Berlin. Tons of potential openings are posted daily.

Resources for BIPOC:

Black Brown Berlin: An incredible resource for POC living in Berlin, including a database of POC owned businesses.

BIWOC * on the rise: A group offering mentoring, networking and other professional resources at BIWOC.

Bureaucratic help:

Settle in Berlin: A ton of free answers to Berlin bureaucratic questions, from getting a German driver’s license to getting a bank loan.

All about Berlin: One of the most holistic sites that helps people understand all the essentials of living in Berlin and guides people on how to fill out various forms.

Career / Job Search Resources:

Kununu: Like LinkedIn, but in German.

Startup jobs in Berlin: A fairly regularly updated job search engine specific to the Berlin startup community.

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