UK Beach Accommodation Prices Go Up For Summer Dates – Which One? New

After tracking prices for 15 independent properties in 10 popular UK beach resorts on Airbnb and Vrbo over the past year, which one? noticed price increases on each property.

The average increase was 35% for holiday dates in July and August, but one Airbnb Brighton owner increased his price per night by 140%.

Demand for UK vacations this year is high as overseas travel has so many conditions, from quarantine costs in hotels to testing and countries not allowing entry for UK nationals.

Although we recently found out that there is still plenty of accommodation available across the UK, desirable national beach spots are booking faster, as there is still no guarantee that we will instead be enjoying the Mediterranean sun this summer.

Unusual price increases

According to Alistair Handyside, executive chairman of The Professional Association of Self-Caterers UK, this average price increase of 35% is not typical. He said to what? that prices would generally increase due to inflation, which in a normal year is around 2%.

Who? analyzed the prices of property rentals on Airbnb and Vrbo in May and June 2020 for various dates in July and August 2020. We have recorded properties located in the top 10 of the most visited UK beach destinations by which? readers, including places such as St Ives, Whitby, Llandudno and Brighton. They were all suitable for two guests.

We have since rechecked the costs of the same properties for similar dates in July and August 2021 and found a range of price changes. Out of 15 properties for which data could still be collected, all had increased in price.

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Price increases range from 2% to 140%

The biggest markup of the properties we checked was for a one bedroom maisonette in Brighton on Airbnb.

When we arrived in May 2020 for the first week of August 2020 the cost was £ 53 per night. When we checked again in February 2021 for the same period there were only six nights available and the property was costing £ 127 per night.

We also saw a 70% price increase on a one bedroom property in central Eastbourne on Airbnb. Last year for a week’s holiday in the first week of August it would have cost £ 409. This year the same week is £ 696.

On Vrbo, a one-bedroom property in Bournemouth has gone from £ 722 in the first week of August last year to £ 958, a 33% increase.

The other price increases were more modest. A one-bedroom cottage on Airbnb in Scarborough rose 7% for similar August dates this year, while a one-bedroom property on Vrbo in Swanage overlooking the Purbeck Hills had only increased by 2%.

How does pricing work on Airbnb and Vrbo?


Vrbo told us, “Hosts individually control and set the rental price for their properties.

He continued, “Vrbo does not set, change or influence the prices of real estate that a host chooses.”

However, Vrbo gives hosts access to real-time data on competitors, vacationers, local events, and holidays in case they want to adjust their prices to stay competitive.

Likewise, Airbnb operates a marketplace where hosts list their accommodation. It is therefore the hosts who set their prices and cleaning fees.

It provides a tool for owners, which can be configured to automatically adjust the listing price based on changes in demand for similar listings and seasonal demand, but this can be canceled or disabled by the owner.

Airbnb only controls service fees, but they don’t increase year over year.

In response to the instant search, he told us it was’isolated examples “that were” not representative of prices on Airbnb “.

Why have the prices increased?

Mr. Handyside told us that the reason some prices have increased is due to demand.

He said: “It’s not a normal year. Demand will exceed supply and demand will be out of scale with very few overseas vacations available. This high demand and low capacity will lead to higher prices. Next year’s prices are likely to revert to a more normal pattern. ‘

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