Ukrainian law enforcement raids illegal mining farm with GPUs and PlayStation

Ukrainian law enforcement has shut down a “big” cryptocurrency mining farm, the Ukrainian Security Service (SSU) said on Thursday.

According to an official report, the miners occupied a laundry room at the local electricity supplier in the town of Vinnitsa southwest of Kiev and illegally plugged into its electricity grid. “Entire blocks of Vinnitsa could have been left without electricity,” the SSU said.

Judicial officers seized 5,000 units of hardware, including “3,800 PlayStation, 500 GPU (graphics processing units), 50 CPU (central processing units), documents, notepads, phones and USB drives , According to the report. Authorities are now trying to identify those involved in the mining farm, possibly including the staff of the electricity supplier, Vinnytsiaoblenergo.

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Vinnytsiaoblenergo may have lost as much as $ 250,000 a month, investigators said.

Ukrainian law enforcement agencies occasionally discover illegal mining farms, raiding sites with unauthorized access to the power grid. Earlier in July, the SSU closed a smaller farm in the Chernihiv region containing 150 application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), Forklog reported.

Ukraine is on the verge of passing its first crypto regulation, with the draft law on virtual assets going to parliament. The country’s central bank has explored the prospects of issuing a Ukrainian central bank digital currency backed by the hryvnia, and earlier this month the future CBDC was included in national payment systems regulations.

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