Ukrainian Start-Up Awesomic Wins $ 125,000 for Best Business Accelerator in Silicon Valley | Kiev post

Ukrainian startup Awesomic has attracted $ 125,000 from Y Combinator, one of the world’s top training programs for Silicon Valley-based startups. Y Combinator alumni include Airbnb, Reddit, Yahoo, Twitch, Dropbox – companies all now worth over $ 1 billion.

With this money, Awesomic plans to hire more tech specialists and attract new clients. The company is known for its algorithm that matches web designers with online businesses.

Over 500 companies in the United States and Europe are already using Awesomic, including the popular mobile app Reface, co-working space Lift99, artificial intelligence startup, and educational technology startup memoryOS. .

Compared to other companies that spend weeks trying to find a designer in independent marketplaces like Fiverr or Upwork, Awesomic users automatically get their “perfect match” – maintenance-free and for a fixed price, he said. one of the founders of the company, Roman Sevastyanov, 25, Kyiv Post.

The platform works like this: first, users create a task in Awesomic’s mobile app, then the company’s algorithm analyzes the task and chooses one of the 35 most skilled designers for it. ‘accomplish. “It’s like an Uber for design,” said company founders Stacy Pavlyshyna, 26, and Sevastyanov.

Most of the web designers who use Awesomic are from Ukraine, according to Sevastyanov. They usually create logos, websites, presentations, and animations for businesses. Customers seem satisfied with their work.

Designers need to update their progress every day. A designer typically works with a company on multiple projects to better understand their goals and style. If customers are not satisfied with the end result, they can choose another specialist.

A monthly subscription for graphic design costs $ 499, for product design – $ 999. The salaries of designers depend on the amount of work they have done in a month.

“With Awesomic, we always end up with a great design. Their designer knows our style and our brand very well, so it feels like part of our team, ”said Marguerite Halley, Product Manager at Berba, the business translation service based in Spain.

After graduating from Y Combinator, Awesomic hopes to attract more users to its platform. When Pavlyshyna and Sevastyanov joined the program in April 2021, their profits increased and the number of employees increased from 15 to 50 people. Awesomic now has 20 new job postings posted on its website.

Besides Awesomic, Y Combinator has invested in 3,000 other companies with an aggregate value of $ 400 billion. In exchange for $ 125,000 of investment, Y Combinator obtains 7% of the shares of the company. These conditions apply to all startups, regardless of their size and value.

Sevastyanov and Pavlishina will participate in the online program until September 15, chatting on Zoom with companies and investors from big tech giants like Stripe, AirBnb and Coinbase. They will also benefit from discounts for their services.

Prior to joining Y Combinator, Awesomic attracted $ 50,000 from the Ukrainian Seed Fund and raised funds from European angel investors like Ragnar Sass, co-founder of Pipedrive and Lift99 and Mikko Silventola, one of the early investors of the Estonian Bolt taxi service. Awesomic started fundraising in early April 2020 when the pandemic hit, but still managed to attract money.

Sevastyanov told the Kyiv Post that he wants to raise even more money after graduating from Y Combinator. “So far dozens of investors, including US funds, have personally subscribed to the startup’s newsletter and are interested in investing in Awesomic,” he said.

Sevastyanov and Pavlishina have been working together on different startups for four years. Prior to founding Awesomic, Pavlishina was responsible for marketing the MyBookmark e-commerce platform, while Sevastyanov worked as a software engineer and helped American startups set up research and development centers in Ukraine.

The duo launched Awesomic in just 10 days and immediately found their first customer.

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