UK’s legal red light district closed after years of trouble in Leeds

Britain’s seedy dread light district is gone.

The Holbeck red light zone in the city of Leeds, the first in the country to legalize the sex trade, has closed after the failed experiment angered local residents and activists across the country. Neighbors decried public sex in broad daylight, the harassment of teenage girls and a withered list of quality-of-life crises that “terrified” the area.

Prostitution and sexual solicitation will again be criminalized in the region according to local reports.

The so-called “managed approach” to prostitution was touted by local leaders as an effort to provide a safe haven for sex workers when it was launched in 2014. But it quickly became a cesspool filled with sex and drugs.

There have even been murders. Daria Pionko, a 21-year-old sex worker from the region, was brutally killed by a client – a “gambler” in British parlance – in late 2015. Lewis Pierre was sentenced to 22 years in prison.

Discarded condoms and sex industry rubbish left lying fallow in Leeds' Holbeck area
Discarded condoms and litter from the sex industry are left on the ground in the Holbeck district of Leeds.
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“My husband was offered business when he pulled up outside our house. He had our two children in the car, ”a neighbor from Holbeck told The Sun. “My teenage daughter was harassed by moving walkways. It’s a disgusting way to live and we were even scared to go out for years.

Another resident, Pauline Lawn, claimed she looked out her bedroom window to find a man and woman having sex in broad daylight.

“They were against the fence. It was only 2 p.m.

A prostitute waits for a client in the streets of Holbeck
A Facebook group opposed to prostitution paradise, Save Our Eyes, hailed the return of public order.
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A 2017 documentary on Holbeck, “Sex, Drugs & Murder: Life In The Red Light Zone”, has received both critical and public acclaim in the UK.

The pandemic effectively ended the Holbeck red light zone last year. But its closure became official in June following an announcement by Leeds City Council.

“I don’t think he [the red light district] protect women and girls, ”Mayor Tracy Brabin told council.

A Facebook group opposed to prostitution paradise, Save Our Eyes, has enthusiastically welcomed the return of public order.

“The people of #Holbeck and the police hunt the evil predators in packs. It is a magnificent sight to see! The group posted this week with a photo of a cop approaching a van near a park. “There is NO tolerance zone for curb caterpillars here!” #Leeds.

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